ITOTEC eRc Paper Cutting Machine

Machine Features

◆Integral frame, sturdy and durable.

◆The machine body is equipped with a jack base, which has good stability during transportation and moving equipment. Even if an earthquake occurs, the equipment itself will not collapse.

◆Hydraulic central cylinder.

Product Overview

Product Advantages

A century-old brand, accumulated experience, craftsmanship, carefully crafted

Integral frame with jack base

Double rod drive, bring excellent cutting force

Evenly balanced press pressure

Simple tool-less adjustment structure

Quickly start a powerful computer system

Perfect correction, visual operation prompt, fault record and maintenance prompt system

Product Parameter

Blade drive modeDouble rod driveDouble rod driveDouble rod drive
Cutting width1168mm1370mm
Cutting length1160mm1320mm2000mm
Cutting height165mm165mm130mm
Minimum cutting size (with/without pallet)85mm/27mm105mm/27mm105mm/27mm
Mechanical cutting speed42 times/min42 times/min42 times/min
Maximum paper pushing speed225mm/s225mm/s225mm/s
Maximum/minimum pressing pressure40KN/4KN40KN/4KN40KN/4KN
Computer control system8.4 inch TFT color touch screen8.4 inch TFT color touch screen8.4 inch TFT color touch screen
Computer boot timeAbout 4 secondsAbout 4 secondsAbout 4 seconds

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